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PLEASE NOTE: A new style guide and revised Penn shield were released on Dec. 17, 2019. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines and abide by the usage rules and scenarios outlined therein.

While the revisions to the Penn shield are minor and are largely invisible to the casual viewer, the shield should be replaced in your logos as you redevelop branding materials.

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The logos on this page are the primary graphic elements of the University of Pennsylvania identification program. Use is authorized only for members of the University community in applications supporting the University's mission. The University reserves the right to deny permission for uses it deems injurious to the interests of the University or members of its community. The Office of the University Secretary is the official guardian of the University’s marks, insignia and brand.

These images must be used according to the official guidelines and the Use of University Name Policy.

More detailed information on Penn logo guidelines is available in the Logo Style Guide. Please use the official renditions of the Penn logo below and do not distort or manipulate the logo in any way.

NOTE: CMYK versions are for print-only, RGB are for web / digital-only

Reversed Vertical Stacked Logo with Shield and Logotype — for use on blue / dark backgrounds

The Simplified Shield


The Penn Simplified Shield was developed for use when rendering the Penn Shield in a size small enough to cause the details of the dolphin and open volumes to become indistinguishable. Examples of such instances include social media avatars, favicons, and custom emoji. Use of this shield is recommended when the height will be smaller than 60 pixels.

Please contact us at for permission to use this shield and its intended placement on the web.



If you require older versions of the Penn logo or the black & white or blue monotone version of the Penn logo, please contact University Communications at