The Central Penn web identity is meant to be to unique to the top-level pages of the domain and the sites maintained by University Communications. Please do not copy the look and feel of the Penn homepage for other sites.

All Penn webpages should contain a link back to the University homepage, the Penn logo and links to the following global resources.

Schools and departments who wish to partake of the central identity are encouraged to use the color and typographic standards below.

The central Penn homepage ( was redesigned and launched the winter of 2021. 

Questions about the central Penn web identity should be addressed to

Web Color Palette

Central Penn Web Homepage

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The website design utilizes two typefaces. EB Garamond is most frequently used. Roboto is used less often and reserved for style and contrast. Both typefaces were selected for clarity and because they compliment the fonts used in the central University identity. They are available for free use via Google Fonts.  

As you develop online materials we strongly advise that you pay attention to and comply with font licensing restrictions.